Monday, July 22, 2013

Switching to Linux & Recording with Kazam is cool

I realized that my laptop is aging and couldn't bear the load of running Windows which consumes lot of resources and softwares are also resource-hungry, now a days. To blow some breathe into my laptop, I decided that I'll switch to Linux.

It is not tough to switch as Linux is equally good as Windows, actually better and provides more out of your computer, though you may miss writing VB-based Macros in your MS Office to make your day-to-day task easy. Anyway, it supports writing Macros in Python. Learning new language is good, Btw :-)

I have chosen Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to minimize the Upgrade headache for quiet some time. But, unfortunately I couldn't continue to use it as the Unity Desktop is not really fast as GNOME (Yes, I have previous experience in Linux). So, I switched to LinuxMint 13, a LTS Version with MATE Desktop (which is based on GNOME).

Like every other Java developer, I started installing basic things like JDK, Maven, Eclipse and few more libraries for my work. I find that my laptop is really fast running Mint when compared to Windows. My Eclipse used to show me the Empty Window Frame when I run few Apps alongside it in Windows. But, now - I'm able to run Eclipse with an App Server and the Eclipse response is far smoother in Mint.

I had a need to record a screencast for how to run an application and now I started searching for Screen Recording softwares. I used "CamStudio" when I ran Windows. But, it doesn't support Linux. Mint's Software Manager came to help. I just browsed into "Sound & Video" Category and found "Kazam". It is far better than CamStudio as it works like Charm, which supports MP4 recording format with greater quality.

It is good that I got rid of MS and stuff related to them. My Laptop is breathing easy now :-)

Here are the links to things I have wrote about in this post, If at all, it could be of any help to people.

Ubuntu -
Linux Mint -
CamStudio -
Kazam -

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